Where is Your Faith?

Luke 8 5-18

What an amazing parable to teach us how to receive God’s word. Seed to us is the word of God and we our like the ground. Some hear the word, but the devil comes to steal the word out of our hearts so that we may not believe and be saved. I would understand this as stealing our trust in who God says He is. Any doubt that removes us from our place of trust in the Lord steals our opportunity to be saved.

Seed on the rock – listens to and “receives” with joy, but they have no root. The root is our foundation. Who are we and what do we really believe? Can we trust in the Lord? Temptation pulls us when we lack strong roots to keep us anchored and nourished.

“…choked with cares, riches, and pleasures of life.” Many of us struggle with this one. We are human. We are flesh. It is important for us to feel safe and secure. Beyond that though, we enjoy pleasure and consistency in what we like. We don’t like to wait patiently.

Note that I don’t believe that this is saying that riches and pleasure are bad. To be blunt, God is the author of marriage and intercourse. He created the seed that lead to wine. Look at the Old Testament and the materials that God used to design the temple. I don’t believe those who have should be resented or coveted.

However, when we receive pleasures and riches, how does that affect our faith? Does it choke out the Word of God that is our seed. The purpose of our lives is to hear the Word, receive it and nurture it to the point of bearing fruit. The thorns in our lives catch us and choke our faith – stopping the outward expression of our internal faith.

My hope and desire is to love the Lord, receive the Word of God (both written and spoken), build strong roots in myself and nurture those around me with seed and encouraging strong roots – bearing fruit in this life, building treasures in the next.

Using the parable Jesus gave, we can learn so much about our own faith.


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