Jesus’ Emphasis on the Heart

In Matthew 5, beginning at verse 21, Jesus brings up some of the Hebrew laws. In doing so, He emphasizes the heart of the man over the law. Essentially, where there is law, man will find a way to bend it to benefit himself. It is important for us to submit to God.

  1. Do not murder. Jesus says not to even harbor anger towards your. bretheren. Verse 21-26
  2. Do not commit adultery. Jesus says not to even look at a woman to lust for her or you have committed adultery in your heart. Essentially, our intentions matter and it’s not just about sex. Verse 27-30
  3. Do not divorce your wife without a certificate. Jesus expands on this to say that divorce should be reserved for sexual immorality. Whoever marries a divorced woman also commits adultery and causes her to commit adultery. Again, the heart matters and you should not get a divorce unless it is warranted (not just for any reason). Verse 31-32
  4. You shall not swear by oaths except to the Lord. Jesus says not to swear at all, even by heaven. If you promise something, you need to keep your promise. Verse 33-37
  5. An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth. Jesus says to love those who do not love you.Verse 38-42
  6. You shall love your neighbor and hate your enemy. Jesus says to model ourselves after God and love your enemies. Verse 43-48

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