I love technology. It is one of my passions. Technology can connect us together and keep us accountable.

We have blogs, twitter, facebook, etc to follow people in our modern era. Connecting with people is a powerful thing. Who you surround yourself with says a lot about who you are.

In Luke 5:27-28, Levi left all behind and listened to precious words, “Follow-Me.” I personally committed to follow Jesus almost 13 years ago now while attending college. After attending “Weekend on the Farm” in Harlan, IA in 2012, I discovered renewed strength and vision to follow those words daily by establishing a new rhythm: daily devotionals before God and reflections on what I have read. I thank God for technology and a method to keep me accountable to that commitment. I am betting that by beginning with His words in my mouth and mind daily, I will have clearer vision on most days because I will be set on a good path.

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